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Portugal Public and National Holidays

Portugal has 13 public and national holidays throughout the year. Portugal is a deeply religious country and the majority of national holidays coincide with important feast days, see the table later in this guide for an exact list of public holidays.


Portugal keeps the national holidays on the day that they were intended and do not move then to the closest Monday or Friday as in the UK. This does mean that bank holidays can occur in the middle of the week or at the weekends, which is unfortunate for Portuguese workers as they lose out.

The national holidays are similar to other European countries with government departments, banks, offices all closed for the day. Most small business and shops are closed while large supermarkets will have reduced opening hours. Public transport is always reduced and varies between different service providers – generally in Lisbon a Sunday service is operated but always check for specific routes.

List of National Holidays in Portugal

Date of National Holiday English Name
(Portuguese Name)
Reason For Public /
National Holiday
1st January New Year (Ano Novo) First day of the new year
Varies Shove Tuesday Pan cake day!
Varies Good Friday Day of mourning for all Catholics
25th April Dia da Liberdade
(Liberation day)
Remembrance of 1974 revolution
1st May Labor Day
(Dia do Trabalho)
The workers day - labor and
communist marches
10th June National day
(Dia de Portugal)
Portugal national
celebration day
During June Corpus Christi Important religions festival -
marches in Lisbon
15thAugust Feast of the Assumption
(assuncao de nossa senhora)
Important religious holiday and Lisbon goes to the beach
5th October Republic day
(Dia da Republica)
Celebrates the founding of the
republic in 1910
1st November All Saints
(Festa de Todossos Santos)
Day to recover from the
halloween parties
1st December Restoration day
(Dia de Restauracao)
Celebrating the restoration of the
Portuguese royal family in 1640
8th December Immaculate conception Important religious feast day.
25th December Christmas
Everything is shut
for Christmas


There are no national holidays for Portugal's Popular Saints (Anthony, John and Peter) but because of the relative closeness of the dates they are combined into one giant week long party, see Popular Saint Section. Saint Peter's feast day is on 28th of June, Saint John's is on the 23th June and Saint Anthony's is the 12th of June.

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