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Lisbon Tour Bus Guide

List of all the stops

Open-air bus tours are a great way for visitors new to Lisbon to get a high level appreciation of the city and its history. Lisbon is an ancient city that underwent development and expansion in several stages spreading along the River Tejo estuary, meaning that many of the areas of interest for tourists are separated by significant distances.


The tour busses offer a convenient method to view all of the major tourist sights and districts in a single (long) day and indicate to visitors areas to be explored further in-depth and at leisure. The main disadvantages of the bus tours are the tourist elevated prices and that there is simply too much to take in on one day.

Information about Lisbon Tour Buses

There are three companies which operate hop-on hop-off tours of Lisbon and each of the companies offer similar routes, prices and services. All three companies offer two separate routes that last for around 90 minutes. For all of the tour companies the route which heads north and west (to Belem) is more interesting than the north and east (to Expo Park) route and should be the first route traveled.

The original tour bus company of Lisbon operate the yellow buses and is a subsidiary of Carris the main bus and tram company of Lisbon. The yellow bus tour company offer two bus routes, a single route ticket costs €15.00 and the ticket is valid for 24 hours while the price for both routes is €24.00. The main advantage of the yellow bus tours is that their tickets allow for unlimited travel on all standard buses, trams and includes the Elevador de Santa Justa. Carris tours have more buses running their routes and run longer into the night but their commentary is the weakest.



Lisbon Tour Buses Further Information

City Sightseeing operates the red buses and their two routes that are almost identical to the Yellow Bus Company. The City Sightseeing 24 hour ticket for both routes is better value at €18.00 but they have the less buses than Carris meaning waits for buses are longer. The third company is Grayline tour buses who again operate red buses, the ticket they offer is slightly different and lasts for 48 hours but costs €20. Grayline offer 3 routes and are probably the best option for tourists with more time but Grayline tour have fewer services than Carris.

In conclusion all three companies offer a very similar service and tourist should be on the look out for internet offers or local offers before as on board prices will always be more expensive. One of the main consideration is choosing to join a tour bus is the price of a ticket which is very expensive when compared to the cheap price of public transport in Lisbon. The main hub and start of all the tours is at Praça do Marquês de Pombal (top of Avenida da Liberdade) on the Yellow metro line. This is the easiest location to join each of the tours especially for Grayline and City Sightseeing as their main stops in Baixa are not very obvious. At Marquis of Pombal there are always tour buses waiting.

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