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Terminal 2 Lisbon Airport – A Tourist Guide for 2017

Lisbon Airport’s newly built Terminal 2 serves all passengers departing from Lisbon on low cost airlines. The terminal is situated to the east of the main airport and is connected by a free shuttle bus service. This guide will provide an overview of Terminal 2, including details of how to get there, terminal facilities and other useful travel tips.

Terminal 2  Lisbon

Terminal 2 is a large hanger.........

Terminal 2 Overview

Terminal 2 was constructed to provide additional capacity for Lisbon Airport and was originally for designed to cater for domestic flights. However, since 2015 the terminal has been used exclusively for the low cost airline flights. Whilst this small terminal lacks the range of facilities offered by larger airports, the easy navigation and streamlined services enable this terminal to traffic passengers effectively, allowing for quick turnaround flight times.

Which airlines depart from Terminal 2?

All low cost airlines fly out of Terminal 2, these include; Ryan Air, Easy Jet, Norwegian and Wizz Air. The charter holiday companies also use this terminal. Despite this rule, it is always wise to confirm the departure terminal, outlined on tickets or boarding documents, in the event of any service alterations.

Easy Jet lisbon

An Easy Jet flight on the approach to Lisbon airport

Do low cost airline flights arrive at Terminal 2?

All incoming flights will arrive at Terminal 1, irrespective of the airline. Terminal 2 is for departures only. On arrival to Lisbon, the low cost airlines taxi to Terminal 2 and passengers are taken by bus to Terminal 1 in order to clear immigration and collect baggage.

Lisbon Airport terminal 1

Terminal 1 at Lisbon airport

On departure from Lisbon Terminal 2, passengers have a short walk across the tarmac from the terminal building to the waiting plane; usually there is no need for a bus transfer. The small terminal enables passengers to transit quickly through security and onto the plane efficiently.

How to travel from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2?

Terminal 1 is the main access point for all arrivals to Lisbon Airport and has direct connections with the metro and Aerobus. There is a free shuttle bus that connects Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 and the bus stop (heading to Terminal 2) is located in front of the departures hall.

terminal 2 bus

The terminal 2 free bus

If arriving from the metro station: Enter the main Terminal 1 building, turn left and walk up the stairs, which will lead to the departures hall. From here, simply exit the hall via the main doors and the bus stop is located on the left.



The shuttle bus departs every 10-20 minutes during daylight hours and tends to wait until it is completely full before leaving. Please not that this can mean that there is standing room only. If running late for a flight, it is recommended to get a taxi (5 minute journey) to avoid delays.

terminal 2 bus

The terminal 2 bus departs from the departures hall of the main building

Onward flights and connection to Terminal 2

There are no internal transfers between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2; passengers with onward connections must exit Terminal 1 and travel independently to Terminal 2 (via the shuttle bus or taxi). This also includes passengers whose onward flights are with the same low cost airline. This independent transfer means passing through immigration, collecting bags, catching the bus, or taxi, and then going through security and immigration again.


For all tourists with onward flights from Terminal 2, it is recommended to leave sufficient time for connections; a minimum of 2 hours is advised. It is also important to note that low cost airlines will always insist that a new ticket is purchased if flights are missed, even if the delay is due to an incoming flight or airport delays.

What’s terminal 2 like to travel through?

The Terminal 2 building is a single large hall that is divided into two; one side for check-in and the other side is a post-security waiting area. The two rooms are separated by a security screening area. Once a flight is called, passengers pass through immigration and are herded into a separate holding area until advised that they can exit the terminal and walk to the plane. The experience of Terminal 2 reflects the negatives of low cost flying; endless queuing and very basic facilities.

Map of terminal 2 lisbon

Map of terminal 2, basically two large rooms!

Facilities at terminal 2

Terminal 2 may be very basic but it has four important facilities that the majority of passengers are looking for; lots of seats, comparatively cheap food, electrical outlets for charging items and WIFI (note that this is only free for 30 minutes).

On the check-in side of the terminal there is a gift shop, cafe and a ticket sales desk. The check-in queues can get very long, which encourages some passengers to purchase “fast bag drop off” and this is recommended for those in a hurry. As there is so little to see or do most passengers tend to pass through security quite quickly.


Once through security there is a McDonalds, duty-free shop and a cafe. Again, there is not much to do. If needing to charge a device, note that there are electrical outlets positioned at the end of the seating areas. Also, to access the 30 minute free WIFI an account must be created. However, do not expect a high speed service as most passengers use this facility.

terminal 2 lisbon

The low cost airlines are very strict on the amount of hand luggage. Small bags, including gift purchased in the shops, will be made to go into the main hand luggage or expect massive fees....

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